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TOP 32 Quotes That Got TAMALE MIRUNDI Banned From TV & Radios

REASONS WHY TAMALE MIRUNDI was stopped from appearing on any Radio or Tv show.

  1. If it was about showing might, don’t u think in-laws would go to the bride’s family for introduction naked?
  2. No matter how sweet the ejaculation or orgasm is, an individual cannot smile during the process..
  3.  If God gives a gal beauty without brains, it’s the private part which suffers.
  4. You’re a woman you have attended more than 15 weddings this year and you’re still single not yet married. Are u a cake or a tent?
  5. If Miria Matembe is a strong woman, why didn’t she give birth with her knickers on!
  6. If you go to a bar, spot ugly girls properly, if they start looking beautiful it’s time for u to go home.
  7. How can u ask a Muslim whether to be served fried or roasted pork? When asked to choose between Besigye and Mbabazi
  8.  Some men don’t know how to Romance women.. They only play with their nipples as they are tuning radio stations.
  9.  Nze nemala nfa Katonda nangamba nti ampe omutwe gwa kenny lukyamuzi nzilemu obulamu, mugamba nti abileke nsigale mu bafu naye nga tampade ngalabi !!
  10.  Mbu Faaza Ayise Abawala Emberera Abaseko Emikono , Ne Nalongo Nagenderamu.
  11.  However much u shake your small man, the last drop belongs to pants.
  12.  Nalongo adduse mu kisenge nga gwe embeerera osembera.
    Nze siwunyikamu ninga katuli ka ‪#‎Tooyi‬ .
    Okwambala G-string kiringa kuddira akakoola nobikka kumuwumbo
  13.  You complain of fuel prices as if u bought the vehicle knowing it consumes milk.
  14.  If a mother of twins leaves a lodge limping.. Don’t send there a virgin
  15.  Never be scared when an impotent man sits next to your wife
  16.  Bwolaba muwala wo nga abavubuka Ku kyaalo bamusimbira line tewewaana nti mulungi nnyo, kitegeeza mugabi nnyo
  17.  Some fools instead of sleeping, are busy texting someone’s gal friend.
  18.  He said when you eat thorns u suffer constipation 
    A girl can only undermine a man’s size if never been raped before
  19.  Bwolaba nga mwanyoko anobye mu bufuumbo nga yagenda ne gomessi Taano ate nakomawo nabbiri totawaana nga okwasamya engalabi yo, coz kitegeeza ziri essatu yazireseeyo nga alina okuddayo
  20.  If it’s true you are a Muslim and the price of pork rises why do you join those striking.
    He who sleeps with an itchy anus wakes up with smelly fingers
  21.  When an impotent man comes closer to your wife, don’t get scared..
  22.  The cardinal Priest cannot fundraise for a witchdoctors shrine-
  23.  Noolaba agassajja agakola agatwe gengege
  24.  Mbu olubuto luyingila baseka naye emilanga gyebazalira
  25.  Akana akabade kakuyitira mukomusaja ….bwosanga kava ewuwo ..what do you think?
  26.  You can’t get married and remain a virgin
  27.  “the mouth that runs faster than the head will be cut off”
  28.  U don’t booze u have no girlfriend and u still complain u are broke yet your friends that empty bars are building n excelling
  29.  Buli bwempulila Kabaka bbaffe baffe nga enyuma enkakana
  30.  If a man impregnates his two wives at ago and give birth at the same time, it doesn’t mean he’s a twin father(ssalongo)
  31.  A baby can play with de mothers breasts but not de fathers testacles.
  32.  Akamywu kange lwekabuze embwayo lwelya ebyoya?
  33. 35.
  34.  Ten impotent men cannot rape a virgin girl” Referring to Museveni and his competitors!!
  35.  Ababbi Bwebajja Okubba Mukaziwo Nareekaana Ntii, Mwami Tebayingira Mukisenge Ekyokusatu, Ngolina Kyewasamu, Omanya Mukaziwo Yomu Kubabbi.

The above words were said by Tamale Mirundi. Personally am gonna miss him…

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